NetSense and World Test Network is an unique solution to improve quality and revenue for Telcos all over the world.

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The Premium Test Calls attracts more and more customers. Please contact us for more information how premium test calls can help you.

Arptel WTN calls in 170+ countries

The unique hitech CLI verification solution that can avoid fraudulent routing is now covering more than 170 countries.

NetSense help Telecom Operators and Carriers to validate Least Cost Routing (LCR), verify CLI delivery, measure Voice Quality (MOS), confirm customer complaints and handling False Answer Fraud. Long term quality indicator down to the quality last minute. All tools are designed to fit the requirements of telcos ranging from small telecom operators to large global carriers with hundreds of users, hundreds of POPs and thousands of measurement points.


Meet us at the following events:

PTC, Honolulu, Hawaii 17-20 January 2016
Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 22-25 February 2016
Capacity Middle East, Dubai 1-3 March 2016
AWC, Miami 9-10 March 2016
Carriers World Asia, Bangkok 15-16 March 2016
TelcoDays, Prague 24-25 March 2016
Capacity Balkans, Bucharest 5-6 April 2016
ITW, Chicago 8-11 May 2016, Bilateral tables Gold G372 and Purple P116
TelcoDays, Las Vegas 13-14 May 2016

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